Monday, 20 January 2014

IT professionals launch new education website

BHUBANESWAR: A group of young IT professionals has launched a new software-based website intending to enhance the quality of the education system and to enrich campus life in an innovative way.

"( is an online educational cum social networking service like Facebook. It will help everyone in an educational institution — including the principal, administrators, faculties and students — in enhancing the quality of education and the software will tie the whole college in a logical thread," Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo, the leader of the group, said.

Sahoo, an IT professional who worked with Yahoo for five years said: "We have taken 40 technical and management colleges and two colleges in the city into consideration at the initial stage. Before developing the software, a survey was conducted by our team members in various technical colleges in the city and we got a good response to the idea." 

Stating that the software/website will provide various services to the students, Sahoo said each individual will be given login id and password to access his/her ID, provide a dashboard with separate login-in access to all students along with teachers, various modules of the software will take care of all processes of an institution like- student-teacher interaction, senior-junior interaction, doubt clearance, regular e-attendance, buying and selling of goods like draft, apron and others.
The software has the module to manage the hall of fame, notice board, and the library. 

Various feature of this website include advance search bar, genuine id for students, user friendly interface, performance graph for students in terms of subjects, latest news update on the dashboard, question and answer section (where a student can ask any question on any subject under the courses of study and this can be answered by the concerned teacher or any other student).

The website also provides facilities like in-built chat and message, unlimited photo upload and information about the college events, news and holidays, he said.

Source | Times of India | 20 January 2014

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