Thursday, 3 July 2014

16cr women do only household work

Nearly 160 million women in India--or 45% of the total working age population aged between 15 and 59--do only household chores and reported themselves as “not working“, according to 2011 Census. 58 lakh men too reported to be doing only household work. 

16cr jobless women India's `Great Invisible

Nearly 160 million women in India, 88% of which are of working age, that is between 15 and 59 years, remain at home doing “household duties“, according to census data. Note that these are women who reported themselves as `not working'.
All the other women who work also do domestic work. But these 160 million are the Great Invisible Workforce, primar ily involved in care work and rearing families.The total number of women in the age group 15-59, according to census data released earlier, is just under 355 million. The latest data shows that about 45% of them are confined solely to domestic duties. They have an interesting complement – men exclusively doing household duties. The ratio is, unsurprisingly, 28 to 1.
That is, compared to 16 crore women doing only domestic duties, just 58 lakh men are exclusively involved in household duties.The large proportion of working age group women who are confined to their home and hearth is partly because of social pressures, and partly the result of economic policies that have offered no opportunities to women.

Source::: The Times of India, 03.07.2014,  p.01,

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